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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

December is International Human Rights Awareness Month

Deja vu? Only 33.45% of registered Tucson voters cast ballots in 2019 election

Latina mayor elected, Prop 205 falls flat With only 33.45% of registered voters casting a ballot in last night’s...

Ninth Circuit blocks DOJ from discriminating against sanctuary cities applying for federal grant

Same grant Tucson city officials said may be at risk if ‘sanctuary city’ initiative passes The Ninth Circuit...

Appeals court vacates murderer’s sentence of natural life in prison

Illegal search and seizure of evidence connected to ‘accomplice’ prejudiced outcome The Arizona Court of Appeals, Division Two, vacated...

Judge dismisses People’s Defense Initiative’s lawsuit “as a practical matter”

Undecided on imposing sanctions against plaintiffs Pima County Superior Court Judge Brendan J. Griffin dismissed a special-action lawsuit...

South Tucson to consider opening parts of South Sixth Avenue to medical marijuana dispensaries

UPDATE: No official action was taken at the meeting. Stay tuned for further developments on this story. The South...

Big business fighting ‘sanctuary’ initiative with hefty cash donations

Tucson Metro Chamber backs PAC, No on Prop 205 A look...