South Tucson City Council Narrows Finalists for City Manager

The South Tucson city council voted 4-3 in favor of re-interviewing Terry Hinton, John Schempf and John Vidaurri for the position of city manager.

After a lengthy executive session (non-public session) the council emerged and struck down a motion 7-2 by Councilwoman Rita Rogers to name candidate Terry Hinton as city manager.

The only candidate attending the meeting (who made themselves known to all attendees) was John Schempf. He abruptly left the meeting once Councilwoman Rogers made her motion to choose Terry Hinton for the position.

Councilman Robert Romero suggested that economic development along west 29th street be considered on future agendas.

Other items discussed included an expansion of the Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET) area in South Tucson and a December 2019 deadline for consideration of the City’s participation in the Treasury Department’s “opportunity zone” development.

The South Tucson police force has promoted from within for two open
sergeant positions and one investigator position; and, it was recommended that the council consider compression of the salary pay-schedule of the police force in future sessions. The idea is that there needs to be a bigger disparity between senior and entry-level officers, but that the entry level pay needs to be re-examined and possibly increased to attract candidates.

Interim records specialist John Martinez has been promoted to permanently fill the vacancy.

Check back for updates on the City Manager candidates and their visions for the future of South Tucson.