In Court Document, TUSD Denies Security Guard Sexually Assaulted Student While On-duty

The parents of a Mansfeld Middle School student allege in an Arizona Federal District Court case John Angel Corral, a TUSD employee for more than two decades, violated their daughter’s Fourteenth Amendment rights under the Constitution to be free from unjustified intrusions on personal integrity. They allege Corral “verbally harassed and physically touched [their daughter] in a sexual and un-wanted manner” in the fall of 2017.

A Tucson Police Department report dated November 10, 2017 indicates Corral was arrested, cited and field released for assault under A.R.S. 13-1203A3 in relation to the incident.

Records also indicate this was Corral’s third such incident involving TUSD students. The others occurred at Hohokam Middle School in 2008 and Pueblo High School in 2002.

TUSD denies all allegations in the lawsuit and denies the alleged acts committed by Corral occurred during the scope of his employment. obtained records from TUSD that contradict this denial.

A “Notice of Pre-Termination Hearing and Suspension” written by Mansfeld Middle School Principal Richard Sanchez dated December 6, 2018, a year after the incident occurred, indicates an investigation by the school found Corral in violation of governing board regulation GBEBB which states, “Students and staff members should interact with each other in a friendly and positive manner. These relationships must be at the level where they will not be mistaken as a precursor to a more intimate and improper relationship.” Corral’s employment was terminated shortly thereafter.

In August of 2009 a letter written by Assistant Superintendent of Middle Schools Jim Fish suspended Corral with pay for his alleged interactions with a Hohokam Middle School student who claimed that Corral made unwanted comments about the student’s physical appearance and propositioned her by whispering in her ear to engage in sex with him.

A TPD report on the Pueblo High School incident includes allegations of Corral targeting the female student who had been nicknamed “The Wood” by unidentified male students. It was alleged that Corral propositioned the student and told her he had keys to every room on campus. Implying they could find a private place to do “something.”

TUSD’s denial that Corral committed the alleged acts against the Mansfeld Middle School student “during the course of his employment” fly in the face of their own records. Perhaps this is to be expected at this stage of the trial where the burden falls on the plaintiff to prove the allegations.

How TUSD plans to substantiate their denial is not entirely clear. As of the time of publication counsel for TUSD has not provided with an answer on this question.

In both the Hohokam and Mansfeld incidents the alleged victims were fearful of further interactions with Corral and transferred to other schools once their complaints were brought to the attention of law enforcement and the school district.

More recent Tucson Police records indicate Corral had another complaint filed against him while on duty as a security guard at the Tucson Convention Center in October of 2018 for assault. This time the alleged victim was a 45-year-old female attending a Bob Dylan concert with her boyfriend.

The couple spoke with and indicated the assault occurred just as the concert was about to begin and it in effect ruined the concert for them. They allege Corral inappropriately touched the female’s breasts and thighs when the boyfriend went to use the restroom. The female stated that she was friendly by nature but nothing she said to Corral indicated she wanted him to touch her. “I was too friendly to this guy and I wish I wasn’t,” she said.

When the alleged assault initially happened, the female says she was in a state of shock and did not want to ruin the concert experience for her boyfriend. By the time Dylan started playing the third song of the performance she could not stand it any longer and told her boyfriend what had occurred.

The couple sought out TCC security who put them in contact with Officer Ernest Ortiz who was working the concert on an off-duty assignment. Their encounter with Officer Ortiz quickly became confrontational because they allege Ortiz was “very sarcastic and demeaning” to the couple so they decided it was best to leave. showed the couple the report filed by Officer Ortiz and they allege the report is not factual. They allege Officer Ortiz treated the female as if she had led-on Corral and was trying to save face in front of her boyfriend by making the complaint. The boyfriend days later called TPD and inquired about filing a complaint against Ortiz for his actions but never followed-through.

The couple also alleges the CEO of the TCC, Glenn Grabski was on-site when the incident occurred but acted aloof when the boyfriend talked to him about the incident. The couple’s $500 tickets, a gift from the boyfriend’s mother, were ultimately refunded. The TCC did not return calls from seeking more information about the incident.

The lawsuit against TUSD continues in Arizona Federal District Court under the Honorable Magistrate Judge Eric J. Markovich and appears to be headed for discovery.

If you have any information regarding the lawsuit against TUSD or the allegations against John Angel Corral you can contact reporter Angelo Lavo at 520-820-3712 or If you want to keep your information confidential you can message the above number on the Signal app. Check back for updates to this ongoing investigation.