Petroglyphs Tucson destroyed in overnight blaze

Tucson Fire Department continues to investigate cause of fire

Fire trucks arrived on-scene at approximately 3:14 a.m. this morning to battle a blaze at 228 S. Park Avenue, the home of Petroglyphs Tucson, a self-described “purveyor of artist-based, locally sourced furniture, lighting and accents, located in the Lost Barrio Shopping District.”

Source: Tucson Fire Department

Tucson Fire released the video above along with the following statement:

” The first engine dispatched advised they had heavy smoke in the area as they responded. They confirmed fire showing from the roof of the building as they arrived and upgraded the fire to a second alarm. They pulled a large hose line to the front of the building to begin extinguishing the fire defensively, or from the outside, due to the amount of flames. Multiple ladders were dispatched to the incident and were put up to pour thousands of gallons on the building from above. Additional crews were assigned to protect exposures, the nearby buildings that were threatened by the fire. Firefighters pulled hose lines to surround the primary fire building, preventing the fire from spreading. TEP responded to the scene to cut power to a near power line that fire was burning, posing a danger to crews. Approximately 40 firefighters and 14 units responded to the scene with no injuries initially reported. The fire was called under control in just over an hour.”

TDSN was on-scene at approximately 9 a.m. and no further information was available at that time.

TDSN attempted to contact Petroglyphs but was unable to reach anyone for comment.

Source: Tucson Fire Department