City clerk’s office certifies Tucson Families Free and Together initiative for ballot

Pima County GOP will file challenge in court

Yesterday the city clerk’s office certified signatures obtained for the petition initiative known as Tucson Families Free and Together and cleared the way for it to be placed on the November general election ballot. Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez’s office was given a sample of the signatures for verification and determined that 28.25 percent of the signatures collected were invalid.

People’s Defense Initiative, sponsors of the sanctuary city initiative, said they submitted over 18,200 signatures to the city clerk which would mean approximately 13,050 of the signatures were considered valid.

In their press release, PDI said the Pima County Republican Party thinks the number of signatures needed is 12,400 and that 40 percent of the signatures collected are invalid. PDI says the law requires they have 9,241 valid signatures and the Republican Party’s claim of a 40 percent invalidation rate is unfounded.

David Eppihimer, chairman of the Pima County GOP, confirmed in an email his party will file a challenge to the initiative’s certification this week.

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